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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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I frequently get emails asking if specific cars have been made in HO scale. Please check the list! Everything that has been made, or has been announced, that I am aware of, is in the list. If you are looking for a 1952 Chevrolet Bel-Air, just try searching the list for '1952 Chevrolet'. If nothing comes up then it has not been made or expected as a future release (that I am aware of). It is also common for models to only be listed for a specific year when in fact the car is the same for a range of years. So if you are searching for a '1969 Huxmaster' and it isn't in my list, try just searching for 'Huxmaster' because the 1966-1971 cars are all the same body style. Please note, if you are looking for a thunderbird and only interested in the street cars, try searching for 'thunderbird not nascar' and this will not display the gazillion nascar cars.
Also, some people ask if a specific car is available in any scale or type (like a plastic kit). The answer to this is that I don't have a clue about other sizes or types, only HO scale.

[Information on the Huge List[
We will dissect the two list examples below in our explanation.
Auto World 107 aw107c5 1968 68 Racing Camaro Thunderjet #9 Blue / Yellow / White [ 2006] $16.95
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Auto World 107 aw107j5 1968 68 Racing Camaro Thunderjet #9 White / Blue / Red [ 2006],

Starting at the left we come across the picture. We have pictures for most of the cars in the huge list. The default pictures are 150 pixels wide with varying heights. For some cars we also have a larger version of the picture. If the picture has a border around it, that means that you can click on the picture to view the larger one. The larger versions are 600 pixels wide with varying heights and are the same picture as the small one, just higher quality.

Moving on to the text. Next is the manufacturer of the model, in the case of these cars the manufacturer is Auto World. Following that is the manufacturers part number, or #???? if I don't know the part number. Next is my own part numbers that we use. These are necessary because some manufacturers use the same part numbers for the same car with different colours and I need to have unique names. My part numbers are usually a few letters that designate the manufacturer followed by the manufacturers part number (or part of it) and sometimes followed by letters.

Next is the description of the car, year, make, model, color, and sometimes number, driver and sponsor if it is a race car. Some cars are made in limited editions with a fixed number of cars and if this is the case it lists LE (1/xxxx) where xxxx is the number of cars that were made. After that is the last year in which the model was made surrounded with square brackets. Some cars are made over a series of years and in that case we list the last year of production.

And finally the price information. If we have the car in stock it has a price link with
[Add To Cart[
displayed and clicking on this button adds it to your shopping cart. All prices shown are in US dollars.

[Browsing the List[
The list contains a very large number of items so the browse function allows you to narrow down your search to just the particular type of vehicles that you are interested in. Initially it lists all of the fields that you can browse with. Click on one of the links to display all of the different choices in that field. It will then display all of the unique values in that field ( the number shown beside them are the number of cars that match that field). You then have two choices, to filter the list using just a single value, just click on the link for that value. If you want to filter using multiple values then instead of clicking the link, you click the checkboxes beside each of the fields you want and then click on the "Select Multiple" link at the bottom.

It might sound confusing but here are a few examples:
To look for Nascar cars driven by a particular driver, do the following:
Click "Type" then from the list click "Nascar". Then click "Driver" and then click the name of the driver you are interested in.

To look for all Chevrolets from 1920 to 1950, do the following:
Click "Make" then from the list click "Chevrolet". Then click "Year", then select the checkboxes beside all of the years in the range from 1920 to 1950. Then press the "Select Multiple" button at the bottom of the list.

A "Display Items" link will appear at the top of the field list. Just click this to display all of the items matching your selections. Also once you have narrowed down the search to less than 15 cars it will automatically display them for you when you click on a selection link.

[Searching the List[
The search engine has a full expression evaluator for maximum searching power. It understands the keywords and, or, not and also ( and ).
This allows complex search patterns. If no keyword is encountered between words then the keyword and is assumed.
For Example:
To search for all Tyco Street cars try: Tyco not Nascar
To search for all Mustangs or Camaros try: Mustang or Camaro
To search for all cars driven by Dale Earnhardt try: Earnhardt
To view the complete list just press enter without typing any search text

You can also use the site to keep track of the cars in your collection and also keep track of your want list.
Here is how you do it.
If you are a previous customer who has logged in, then on the Search the Huge List page will be a checkbox beside Show Checkboxes, just tick that checkbox before performing a search.
If you are not logged in, then in the Name and Password boxes input a username and a password before clicking the Start Search button. You will need to remember these for future visits.
Once the search results appear, there will be two tickboxes beside each entry. The first box is for your Got list and the 2nd box is for your Want list.
Just tick ( or untick ) the boxes you want to update and then press the Update Tickboxes button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.
You can then use the reserved keywords Got and Want to search the list for ticked items.
For example to search for all the Corvettes in your want list just type Want Corvette in the search box.

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